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How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies - Movie Review

 Hello Everyone, it has been weeks since our last movie review! Considering the tight schedule, we still manage to sight some of the new movies! Well, they're all quite interesting; of course we're not reviewing all of them, though. So, today, we're going to review: "How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies." Enjoy! Source: 1. Release Date It has been released in countries such as: Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia.  But we will soon be able to enjoy it in HBO Max on 25th November 2024. 2. Synopsis M is the name of a young man who failed his school to pursue his gaming career. Sadly, he doesn't have the equipment to help him become one. M economic condition forces him to search for job. But upon hearing his grandma dying, he left his job to take care of her. They spend everyday together and M regularly accompany her. What the grandma doesn't know is that his intention isn't pure

Kota Wisata Sports Club Schedule List (Part 2) 💦💧

Hello everyone! Before reading this post, I suggest you to read my previous post (the part 1), so it will be easier for you to see the full material. In this post, I'll be listing down The Lesson Price List fot Kota Wisata Sports Club. Plus, a tint about the facility there! Link to prev post: Source: 1. Location & Open Hour  Jl. Kota Wisata, Nagrak, Kec. Gn. Putri, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16967 Monday-Sunday: 06:00-09:00 2. Lesson Price List (Member) Note: Join Fee: 100.00 IDR -4X/Month Taekwondo 4X/Month: 450.000 IDR Aikido 4X/Month: 450.000 IDR Futsal 4X/Month: 450.000 IDR Tennis 4X/Month: 500.000 IDR Basket 4X/Month: 500.000 IDR Badminton 4X/Month: 450.000 IDR Adul Swimming4X/Month: 1.000.000 IDR Swimming Theraphy4X/Month: 1.500.000 IDR -8X/Month Basket 8X/Month: 700.000 IDR Badminton 8X/Month: 650.000 IDR Adult Swimming 8X/Month: 1.500.000 IDR Swimming Theraphy 8X/Month: 2.500.000 IDR 3.  Lesson Price List (Member) -4X/Month

Kota Wisata Sports Club Schedule List (Part 1) 🏀🥽

 Hello everyone! I haven't write for about a week, so, here I am! Today's post is about something..., different than the others. It's about a sport club, but I'm not reviewing it (maybe someday). If you often wonder the fee admission membership at a gym or sports club, I will be putting lists of schedule and fee of Kota Wisata Sports Club. Starting from Membership Fee, Lesson Price List, facilities, and more. Let's get started! Source: 1. Location & Open Hour Jl. Kota Wisata, Nagrak, Kec. Gn. Putri, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16967 Monday-Sunday: 06:00-09:00 2. Regular Visit Sport Club (Swimming, Futsal, Basket) -Weekday (Swimming) Adult: 90.000 IDR Children: 70.000 IDR -Weekend/Public Holiday (Swimming) Adult: 100.000 IDR Children: 90.000 IDR Nanny: 25.000 IDR -Basket (Member) Weekday: 175.000 IDR Weekend: 200.000 IDR - -Basket (Non-Member) Weekday: 200.000 IDR 07:00-17:00: 200.000 IDR 17:00-20:00: 250.000 IDR -Futsal (Member) 07:00-14:00: 95.

Place to Visit: Scientia Square Park Gading Serpong (More Activities)

 Hello guys! In my previous post, I reviewed some of the activities in Scientia Square Park, precisely the animal-involved activity. This post will be general and I will review the rest activity you can do in here!  For more information, like the location; check my prev post: 1. O'Splash Water Activity Source: Kids can have fun splashing around this mini pool! If you're under 12, you need an adult to accompany you. You will get a locker to put your belongings, but remember not to lose the key! There will be no fee to enter this activity, so just enjoy your time! Weekdays Open Hour: 08:00-18:00 Weekend Open Hour: 07:00-18:00 2. Wall Climbing Source:  www.tripadvis You will have a special gear put when you climb the wall climbing on the right (the tallest). For the smaller wall climbing on the left, you won't have any special gear but there are soft pillows below them! By the way, this activity is completely free! 3. Street Workout

Place to Visit: Scientia Square Park Gading Serpong (Safari Activities)

Hello everyone! Last holiday, I went to "Scientia Square Park." The last time I went to this park was in 2017, so this was very nostalgic! I choose this destination because you can spend a whole day here and not being bored! What are you waiting for? Let's get started! Source:  megapolitan.kompas 1. Location, Ticket, Open Hours Google Map Location:   Jl. Scientia Boulevard, Curug Sangereng, Kec. Klp. Dua, Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten 15810.   Tickets & Open Hours : Weekday: IDR 45K/person (08.00-20.00 WIB)  Saturday : IDR 95K/person (06.00 - 22.00 WIB) Sunday: IDR 95K/person (06.00-21.00 WIB) Note:  If you get out of the park to have lunch/break, you can enter the Park again  as long you have the ticket.  There is no time limit, as long as you have the ticket, you can play there until the closing time. 2. Safari Activities 1 (Fish & Horse) Safari refers to activities you can do with animals there. Koi Feeding You and your family/friends can feed up the fish inside

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (Movie Review)

 Hello everyone! Its been a few posts since the last movie review. Today, I will be reviewing: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. This movie is the sequel to Godzilla vs Kong, the seventh movie from the MonsterVerse. But if you pay attention to the title, it seems that Godzilla & Kong are allies, instead of adversaries. I think I have your attention right now, so, let's get started! Source: 1. Country Release Date First Premiere: March 25th 2024 Released internationally: March 27th 2024 United States: March 29th 2024 Japan: March 26th 2024 Note: You can watch it online through HBO Max on November 25, 2024 2. Synopsis After the last fight between Kong and Godzilla, they were separated in Hollow Earth. Yet, after one accident, Kong unexpectedly open up the gate to uncharted region, where he met his own species. Although, Kong open up a new threat to the Titans and human existence. Kong and Godzilla must team up to fight the threat.  3. Review Few things you might need to



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